27 September - 2 October, 2013

St. James Catholic Church, Medjugorje (front view)

Loretta Byrne, Kathleen McKenna, Vicka (Visionary) & Sr. Briege

Fr. Seamus Mulvany, Vicka (visionary) and Fr. Kevin

Sean Conroy (photographer for Medjugorje Herald Magazine), Vicka (visionary) and Sr. Briege

St. James Catholic Church, Medjugorje (side view by outside Confessionals)

Fr. Tomislav Pervan OFM and Sr. Briege

Triona King, Vicka (visionary) and Gemma King

Sr. Emmanuel Maillard interpreting for Sr. Briege

Sr. Briege walking through Medjugorje with Gemma King

Paulo Lunetti, Fr. Kevin, Marija Lunetti (visionary) and Sr. Briege

(From Left to Right): Loretta Byrne, Fr. Seamus Mulvany, Sr. Briege, Fr. Kevin, Gemma King,
Marija Lunetti (visionary), Triona King, Kathleen McKenna, Finbar O'Leary, Paolo Lunetti

Scenic Views of Adriatic Sea on drive to airport in Dubroknik