Photos of Visit to Faroe Islands
July 6-9, 2007


Sr. Briege giving a live interview for the national radio in the Faroe Islands

Sr. Briege, Fr. Benny Blumensaat (Denmark), & Maria Truelsen (interpretor from Denmark) with a few of the Sisters of St. Francis

Sr. Briege McKenna giving a talk aided by Maria Truelsen, her Danish translator
St. Mary's Church in Tˇrshavn

Enjoying lunch at the day of prayer
St. Mary's Church in Tˇrshavn

Fr. Kevin and Fr. Benny
St. Mary's Church in Tˇrshavn

Stained-glass window of Risen Christ by Trˇndur Patursson
St. Mary's Church in Tˇrshavn

Lutheran church, Tˇrshavn
Image of the Divine Mercy: "Jesus, I trust in you" - "Jesus, Eg lÝti ß teg"
Sr. Briege and Fr. Kevin spoke and led prayer for healing

Sr. Briege praying for healing at Lutheran church, Tˇrshavn

Sr. Briege signing her book "Miracles Do Happen" ----------------------------------Musicians leading songs at Lutheran Church

(From left to right): Fr. Benny Blumensaat, Sr. Briege, Maria Truelsen & Fr. Kevin

Enjoying some of the beautiful sights

A photo opportunity with some of the locals

A visit to St. Olav in Kirkjub°ur
Oldest preserved Church in Faroe Islands (12th Century)

Interior of St. Olav in Kirkjub°ur ..........................................................Painting by Samal Joensen-Mikines inside St. Olav Church

Cathedral ruins in Kirkjub°ur
Carving of Crucifixion on external gable wall of ancient Cathedral