Photos of Intercession for Priests
Gebetsstätte Marienfried, Pfaffenhofen /Roth,
Neu-Ulm, Bavaria,Germany
3-7 June 2019

Our beloved Bishop Walter Mixa and a wonderful group of priests at the Intercession in Bavaria.
Thank you Fr. Deitrich von Stockhausen and the core group for your great leadership.
Thank you Lucy Pregel for the great job you did in translating for us.
Looking forward to seeing all of you next year. ---- Sr. Briege McKenna, OSC

Fr. Tom Surlis (Rector of Maynooth Seminary, Ireland)
enjoying a Bavarian meal along with a fine Dutchman.
Thank you Fr. Tom for your wonderful teachings this week
at the Intercession for Priests. Please come back.

Looking forward to seeing my favorite Dutch priests next year. Remember to bring even more of you. ---- Sr. Briege, OSC

Thank you Fr. Richard Kocher for your ministry of Radio Horeb
and for your great support of Radio Maria in Ireland.---- Sr. Briege, OSC

Delighted to have you Fr. Paul Sustaya [Los Angeles, CA] with us in Germany
at the Intercession. You were a blessing for all of us. ---- Sr. Briege, OSC


Looking forward to seeing you next year with many more
Cistercian monks from Austria. ---- Sr. Briege, OSC

Fr. Tom Surlis (Rector of Maynooth Seminary, Ireland)
and Fr. Martin Ramoser (German Intercession core group)
en route to Munich airport alongside St. Corbinian's bear.
Legend states that while traveling to Rome, St. Corbinian's horse
was killed by a bear. He commanded it to carry the load, which it did.
It was then released and returned to Bavaria. St. Corbinian's bear is found
on Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI coat of arms, symbolizing the weight of office.