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Shortly after her own healing, the Lord led Sr. Briege into a ministry of healing. In prayer he told her, "You have my gift of healing. Go now and use it." It was because of this Sr. Briege began to pray with people whom the Lord in his love and mercy healed of many different kinds of sicknesses. Sr. Briege insists "I am not the one who heals. It is Jesus alone who heals us." She often refers to the Gospel encounter between the blind Bartimaeus and Jesus. The question Jesus asked Bartimaeus is the same question he asks all of us. "What do you want me to do for you?" With faith we should answer "Lord, I want to be healed."

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Prayer with Sr. Briege by Phone, Facetime and Skype

Sr. Briege will not be personally answering calls during the remaining of the month of September, as she will be traveling. She will again schedule days and times for calls in the month of October.


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